Posted on Sep 14, 2020

Dancing Bear Chocolate Northern Chocolate Studio

Below is a sample menu, some items change daily & sell out quickly.
Sunday Breakfast Sandwich, Sundried tomato Scone, cheddar, Canadian Bacon, egg, Mango Serono Jam. $8.50 Blueberry Crumble $6.50 Tria Misu $6.50
Pumpkin Cheese Cake $6.50 Tres Leches Sundae $7.00 Mini Carrot Cake $6.50
Lemon Pound Cake $8.00 Cranberry Poppyseed Bread, $8.00 Blueberry-Banana Bread $8.00 Giant Lemon Bar, $6.50 Palmiers, Classic French Pastry $4.00
Reine de Saba, Chocolate & Almond Cake $4 Lemon Curd $8 jar. Iced Italian Lemon Ricotta Cookie $3.50 Big Hazel Cookie Gianduja, Hazelnuts & Chocolate Chunks $6.50 Peanut Butter Heart, Chocolate Heart filled w/ our Kodiak Krunch $12 Olive Shortbread Cookies qty 6-$12 Bear Paw Fudge Brownie w/ dried cherries-$5
Almond Clouds qty 6-$12 Ginger Cookies Chocolate dipped. bag of 6-$12
Kodiak Bar Krispy Bar w/ Kodiak Krunch, Chocolate dipped-$5 Kodiak Krunch Our Peanut Butter-$10 Jar Kodiak Wafers, Oreos w/ Kodiak Krunch, qty 6, $12 Fruit Box Dark Chocolate $12 (ginger, orange, grapefruit & apricot) Chocolate Dipped Whole Apricot $3ea. Gelato-$10 pint Ice Cream Sandwich-$5 Raspberry Sorbet $10 pint
Black Currant $10 Pints Dancing Bear Peanut Butter Cup $5 Mini Peanut Butter Cups, bag of 6-$10 Small Truffle Box $12 Mousse Parfait $6.50 Toffee, small $10, large $20, Pretzel Rod Milk Chocolate & Peanuts-$3ea Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans- $10 Milk or Dark Chocolate Almonds- $10 Dark Chocolate Blueberries-$10 Milk or Dark Chocolate NonPareils-$10
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